October 20, 2017

Mountain View Wins Real World Scholars Grant

This month we learned that SDCCS Mountain View was chosen to receive a  Real World Scholars Grant Award to transform learning by helping students design, create and operate a non-profit business during the school day. The grant provides funds for students and teachers as they explore concepts and implement a business plan, with proceeds going to support a cause close to our students’ hearts and a share of revenue folded back into the business for expansion and ongoing operations.

The Real World Scholars program offers our students a chance to be involved in work-based learning, with their subject-area concepts tied to practical experience to prepare them for success at all levels of education and beyond. The grant will include teacher support through training, networking with industry experts and other grantees, along with use of EdCorps’ digital marketplace to help students market and ship their products.Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 3.52.08 PM

The Real World Scholars grant is part of the SDCCS Foundation’s comprehensive grant-seeking and fundraising strategy. The Foundation is working with the Board and school administrators on a long-term plan for growth and self-reliance, a strategy that will include support of Parent Staff Associations at both schools. You can learn more about the SDCCS Foundation and its fundraising plan here.