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Background – Why a Foundation

Since opening its Linda Vista campus in 2002, SDCCS has relied in part on the financial support of its parent and community benefactors. With the opening of the Mountain View campus in 2013, our reliance on parent volunteers and financial contributions has grown along with our rapidly growing enrollment. Today, what began as a single cooperative school site is now a two-site system with nearly 800 students, two active Parent Staff Associations, a cadre of several dozen regular volunteers and many more involved parents and project leaders.

With its intended growth and expansion in mind, the SDCCS Board voted in 2015 to establish a foundation as a separate nonprofit organization to support the schools. The role of the SDCCS Foundation is two-fold: 1) To generate new sources of revenue, public and private, to augment the schools’ operating budgets in order to sustaining essential student services and supports, address facility and equipment needs, and retain the highest caliber faculty and staff; and 2) To streamline, coordinate and support the operation of all parent and teacher-led activities, including the two PSAs.

The Foundation will become the financial agent for both PSAs and with the launch of the Foundation’s online giving platform and financial management system in November 17, parents and donors now have a single source for giving that tracks and generates reports, provides automated receipts and acknowledgements, and accepts one-time or recurring monthly gifts. The system allows contributors to designate their gifts to either campus or to the area of greatest need.

Over the next three months the Foundation’s website will become a home for all PSA communications, calendars and other information. The website will also post regular announcements, share updates from both campuses and promote causes and activities to generate community support, grant making and additional fundraising goals. Through the Foundation’s oversight, PSA funds will be managed by an independent accounting contractor and will be audited for full transparency, with reports made publicly available online.

Dividing the financial functions of the Foundation from the schools themselves allows the schools’ administrators to focus on education and child development with less hands-on responsibility for tracking and reporting on multiple revenue sources and uses. The Foundation will take on many roles, as an advocate and promoter of the schools’ mission, vision and achievements, as an active fundraising organization, as a marketing and communications network, and much more.

Your support of the SDCCS Foundation will directly support Linda Vista and Mountain View. The Foundation’s proceeds are fully committed to advancing the schools’ missions and to strengthening their capacity to support student achievement in all areas. The SDCCS Foundation is committed to accountability and welcomes all questions and comments from parents, stakeholders and the community at-large. Your input is valued and will make a difference as we move forward with this important step in the evolution of our schools.


The SDCCS Foundation is proud to present its current fundraising plans to apprise SDCCS staff and parents of the Foundation’s planned fundraising and financial objectives in support of the Co-op Schools. In 20017/18, the Foundation will pursue donations, grants, sponsorships and other opportunities to increase the schools’ funding for instruction, student services, staff compensation and long-term stability as Changemaker Institutions committed to academic excellence and development of empathy, social awareness, sensitivity and inclusiveness as core student values.

This presentation highlights the Foundation’s scope, mission, and activities to support the schools and is intended to provide staff, parents and other stakeholders with a clear picture of the fundraising plans, strategies and priorities for the coming years.

The Foundation welcomes and encourages input and comments from all parties and invites participation in its work from all parties interested in helping to sustain its work and advance the mission of SDCCS. To connect with the Foundation, contact:

John Goodwin, President



Tony Phillips, Fundraising Specialist


General comments and questions can also be sent to the SDCCS Foundation at:


Or call us at 619.929.0313

About the Foundation

The SDCCS Foundation is headed by a volunteer Board of Directors that includes:

John Goodwin, President

Katherine Selchau, Secretary

Meridith Coady, Treasurer

Kelly Hallett, Linda Vista PSA Rep

Dawn Gifford, Mountain View PSA Rep

The Foundation works with a Fundraising Specialist and interfaces with the SDCCS Board, Executive Director, Principals, Business Manager and other key staff to focus its efforts and address the schools’ most pressing issues.

The Foundation is committed to fundraising principles, policies and procedures that set the highest standard of professionalism and accountability for its activities. The Policies & Procedures manual is available online at www.foundation.sdccs.org for review by any interested party and may be requested by contacting the Foundation at the above email addresses.


In 2017/18, the Foundation will submit grant requests to local and nationwide foundations, will pursue opportunities to partner with other institutions in competitive applications for public funding, will support campaigns and events to generate financial support and public awareness of the schools, and will create appeals and solicitations to secure direct donations to the schools. The Foundation envisions the establishment of a vast network of contacts for promoting the schools and generating awareness and interest. The Foundation will also develop a system for the solicitation and tracking of recurring gifts and will create and expand a contact database to track and cultivate donors at all levels.

Grant seeking in 2017/18 will focus on foundations and corporations with missions that align with the mission of SDCCS. The Foundation will prepare and submit inquiries and proposals to grant-making institutions throughout Greater San Diego and will develop relationships with the principals of those institutions to ground their long-term commitment to SDCCS.

The Foundation will provide staff, parents, and the SDCCS Board of Directors with regular updates on its activities and progress toward funding objectives. In 2017/18, the Foundation’s overall fundraising goal is $200,000 from combined sources.

Programs and Objectives

The Foundation has established priorities for the coming year that correspond to the main objectives of the SDCCS Board and the schools’ executive leadership. The Foundation places a premium on preserving the student services and innovative instructional design that set the Co-Op Schools apart from the norm in K-8 education. To that end, the Foundation will seek support for the extended day program, student counseling, arts programs and outdoor education, in addition to the core operating costs of maintaining both schools and providing a competitive compensation package for all staff.

The Foundation’s strategy for addressing each of these critical components of SDCCS’s curriculum and commitment to students follows the student success metrics established for both schools.

Summary and How to Help

The Foundation has set ambitious objectives for its first year of full-scale fundraising and meeting those objectives will require the generosity of parents, staff, volunteers and the community at-large. Achieving the Foundation’s objectives will allow the Co-Op Schools to continue setting the standard for excellence in student education and support.

You can help the Foundation with your gift of money, goods or services or by volunteering to help with campaigns and events. To set up a recurring monthly gift, or to make a one-time cash or in-kind donation, contact the Foundation at the email addresses above. The Foundation also welcomes inquiries from any parents, staff or supporters interested in working with the Advisory Committee or Board of Directors.

The Foundation looks forward to keeping staff and parents updated on its activities and successes.

Thank you for your support.