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Empathy First. The community of empathy begins with helping each child develop the best version of themselves. The climate on campus is supportive, constructive, and authentic. Our students’ kindness, acceptance of others, and support of one another is evidenced by visiting during class time or during lunch or recess. Students have the same problems, but work them out differently. Low suspension rates in the last 3 years at our middle school speak to the fact that students are empowered to solve problems in an authentic and personal manner. We were awarded the coveted Ashoka Changemaker status in 2014, the first K‑8 in Southern California.  Students report feeling connected and safe at the highest levels in California per the largest confidential student survey in the nation.

Deep, Developmental Learning.  Our students join us from all over San Diego County, and our schools are based in diverse neighborhoods that mirror the ethnicities of the State of California.  As a group, our 7th and 8th grade students grew at amazing rates ranking in the 90th, 99th, 99th and 99th school conditional growth percentiles in NWEA’s MAP 2015-­‐‑2016 Spring assessments (in Reading and Mathematics)

Parents Make Us Better. Since our inception, parents have worked with us as true partners in education. Parents engaged in classroom activities improves the adult to student ratio, allowing students to have one on one and small group attention with the classroom teacher on a regular basis. Parents logged 21,210 volunteer hours in 2015-16. – needs updating

Sound Fiscal and Program Oversight.  Our schools have continued to provide learning opportunities in art, music, movement, and outdoor learning in fiscal climates where others schools have cut such programs.  This has been accomplished in part by efficient operations and creative partnerships.

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